Preserved flowers

Our preserved flowers receive a treatment that makes them maintain the splendor and beauty of a natural plant for years and last for years as if they were fresh. The same freshness of a natural plant but much more resistant. The process consists of replacing the sap of the flower with a preservative liquid generated from glycerin. The resulting flower is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye from a natural flower.

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Preserved flowers.


Preserved flowers have been around for a long time, but it has been in the last 20 years that their use has expanded massively. The main cause has been the appearance of the new drying and preservation processes.

Previously, the only way to preserve the flowers were the natural drying processes in which the plant was subjected to a high heat between 60 and 80 degrees that evaporated the water without destroying the plant too much but showing the effects of drying.

The quality of the result left a lot to be desired if we wanted the result to have some resemblance to natural flowers.

With the new preservation processes, the flower no longer only dries, a preservative solution is introduced through the stem as a sage that replaces it with a glycerol-based solution that perfectly preserves the plant. 


How the freeze-drying process works.

Broadly speaking, freeze drying consists of removing the water from the flowers so that they become dehydrated, placing them in a solution of water and glycerin and achieving a great tone and smell for the rest of the years.

We can achieve this through the use of special machines that have been used for many years in the industry, now applied to flowers and plants, as we have mentioned, they have done it by substituting the sap, they have replaced it with a preservative liquid such as glycerin.  

What this achieves is that our freeze-dried flower lasts over time, is very similar to the natural one and retains its smell. If you are an expert in the process, the plant preserves its freshness, color, flexibility and smell almost intact.

Freeze drying seeks to preserve that feeling that we have when they give us a bouquet of flowers and we want it to last over time because that is the emotional secret behind freeze drying, it helps us to preserve the sensations experienced when they give us fresh flowers in an event.

Freeze-dried flowers do not produce toxicity.

Freeze drying is a natural process carried out with biological materials, it is not toxic, and these flowers retain part of their smell, although after a few months we must perfume them if we want them to continue smelling.

Freeze-dried flowers do not attract insects.

Although they retain their beauty and freshness and seem freshly cut, let us remember that it is a dead flower and as such does not attract insects. We will have a beautiful almost alive flower that will not attract more than a cobweb or dust that we will clean frequently.

Freeze-dried flowers require no maintenance.

Another great advantage of using freeze-dried flowers is the lack of maintenance. It will not be necessary to fertilize, or water, or change the soil. We will simply have to spray some water periodically so that the accumulation of dust disappears if they are fragile flowers such as hydrangeas.

Freeze-dried flowers do not depend on the date of flowering.

A preserved flower lasts for years at its peak. This large temporary window allows us to use the flowers when we need them, we can choose a winter flower and use it during communions or in summer without any problem.

They are reusable !!

As long as we are careful enough with the deterioration we can reuse the same flowers in different events and save a large amount in costs. A centerpiece created with preserved orchids can be reused countless times.

Without geographic limitation.

We can import flowers from anywhere in the world, from areas that are not indigenous and from climates incompatible with ours. For example, we can import flowers from desert areas and use them in geographic locations with high humidity.

Sobre nuestras flores.

Las flores secas y preservadas son flores naturales tratadas que pueden presentar variaciones de tamaño y color respecto a la imagen mostrada


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