Preserved english rose

English Roses

The rose is the primal form of the rose. The original way in which they were cultivated in the beginning.

What we see today in most florists is a hybrid obtained through genetic engineering.

The English rose or primitive rose is a type of rose with a very folded interior and full of petals.

English roses are a more primal and natural form of normal roses that we can buy in florists. The flowers that we normally acquire are nothing more than hybrids genetically created to be more commercially attractive. 

English roses are a must have in any garden worth its salt, they come in many formats, in clusters, different colors or climbing plants.

One of the characteristics of the English rose is its interior much more abundant and full of petals than normal roses. This causes their shape to change as they evolve and go from having a very dense and fragrant nucleus to a final rose shape with many petals. Depending on whether we cut them in their first phase of splendor or when they are already withering, we can obtain roses that look like different species.

The origin of the English rose

roses deserve an independent category due to their distinctive and spectacular characteristics.

David Host created what we know today as English roses from the modern rose combined with some old rose. David achieved what all civilizers wanted, his own varieties of roses.

The English rose is not only distinguished by its incredible smell (Although in our case, being preserved roses, we can only appreciate its beautiful shape). 

They are very scented roses, for example in the prince variety the color is incredible, we have orange apricot peach colors and this rose is something that contains a very different perfume called After Diaz and has a perfume with an air of myrrh.

If we have two or three plants near us and they clod us with perfume, in addition to this, it is also a characteristic of English roses.

The characteristic English roses are all cabbage-like and very collected inside.

The Abrahan Darby variety is a super scented damask color divine rose that is what these English roses have they are much more elastic more flexible long branches blooming in a bouquet here next to the castle Sinchester cathedral.

This variety is an incredible white rose bush where the buds are very pink and highly perfumed. The roses that we can find in Winchester cathedral that are white in the mother carry Mary Rose's blood, so every so often Mary rose comes out in the flowerbed of the white ones, we continue with the English roses here we are next to a plant in the planking.

Another typical English rose is the David Austin variety, with an exquisite perfume that you say one wonders how these hybrids do to get these incredible roses.

David Austin was someone very special, he also died a year and a half two

years ago and creating by combining pollen from different modern pink roses with some old ones, they achieve perfumes or the way the colors take me an average of 10 years of laboratory is not that a rose It is done from one day to the next, sometimes we are lucky that a mutation comes out that is a deformation of the rose and that rose reproduces and is achieved

but these tim a years of laboratory years

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