Artificial plants and ferns

Our artificial plants allow for a perfect decoration without the need for regular maintenance and last for years in perfect condition. We have an extensive range of quality products, ferns, palm trees ...


Artificial flowers are perfect for decorating a corner of our living room, artificial plants are also an element of great value for decorating dining rooms, bedrooms, centerpieces, bars, offices...

Our artificial plants fulfill their mission perfectly, decorating and serve as a complementary element for the decoration of our sites.

Our plants range from small fuchsias to palm trees of more than 1.5 meters.

Artificial palm trees have been on the market for longer than other types of flowers, so they have more professional finishes, are much more realistic, have a better touch and are more difficult to distinguish from real palm trees.

Artificial palm trees have become essential decorative elements in our homes and it is very easy to see them artificially because of how difficult it is to grow them in pots, indoors or in gardens depending on the area of ​​the Spanish geography in which we find ourselves. It will be easier to see a palm tree in its natural state in the south of Spain than in the north.

It is a perfectly valid alternative when we want to decorate without too many worries.

Artificial plants have the same advantages that we have mentioned in other categories, the duration of many years, zero maintenance because it is not necessary to water them, change the soil, deworm them, remove weeds, yellowing, fertilizer diseases...


Artificial ferns are becoming the stars of floral fillings in bars and restaurants, today it is not uncommon to see them hanging from a support above a bar counter, as a filler in a vertical garden, or in a pot in the center of a table.

Our ferns are high quality and pleasant to the touch, they add a refreshing touch to any decoration, flower arrangement or vase.

They are non-toxic and respect the shapes of natural ferns.

As we say, ferns provide a fresh touch to any filling, they do not wither, they do not generate parasites...

If you like flowers, whether artificial or preserved, you should take a look at our >> preserved paniculata. << One of the most sought after products within the field of preserved flowers.

Sobre nuestras flores.

Las flores secas y preservadas son flores naturales tratadas que pueden presentar variaciones de tamaño y color respecto a la imagen mostrada

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